Truancy Support Services

Truancy Support Services

The underlying causes that contribute to excessive absenteeism and truancy can be complex and frustrating for students, parents, education staff and school administrators.  Currently, truancy is an unfunded mandate and direct services are best delivered by your local schools and district.  To assist schools in supporting the truancy laws, West 40 ISC #2 can provide advisory/technical support through downloadable resources and guidelines. Local school officials may download truancy referral information, truancy notices and truancy warning stage letters to give to parents/care-givers.

West 40 Truancy Referral Form

Truancy Forms

1. 1st Stage Referral Notice

2. 2nd Stage Warning Letter

3. 3rd Stage Hearing Notice

4. 4th Stage Intent to File

5. 5th Stage Court

Services, Interventions & Directions

Truancy Overview Prevention

Truancy Support Services West40 Stages FY15

Truant Referral Form

District 89 and District 209

The State Granted, TAOEP (Truants Alternative and Optional Education Program) Grant is in place and does serve Districts 89 and 209.  There are 2 Outreach Counselors who work with referred students and their families to provide wrap around services and supports to help get the students back on track to graduate.

District 89 and District 209 Truancy Referral Form

Contact the Truancy Support Services at:

708-449-4284 x1012

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